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The Company, Seller, “We”, “Us” shall mean NODDLE, its successors and assigns, or any person acting on behalf of and with the authority of NODDLE.
Client shall mean the purchaser, representative, company, individual or anyone acting on behalf of and with the authority of the Client.
Goods shall mean all works or services supplied by the Seller to the Client. This includes advice, recommendations, and referrals.

Quoted prices will always be exclusive of GST, unless specified in wording.
Quotes with measurements specified will cover costs up to and including, should any work be greater than size provided by client or due to unforeseen circumstance, these costs may be passed onto the client.
Quotes are valid for 30 days, unless specified otherwise.
Acceptance of quotes means you accept to these terms of trade as set out.
Placement of an order, artwork, or any communication (verbal, or in writing) that contracts NODDLE to begin, draft, or consider taking on work for the client constitutes acceptance of these terms of trade.

Invoices for on account clients are due to be paid on the 20th of the following month.
Invoices for customers, new or irregular, are due to be paid within 7 days of invoice.
Late payments may be subject to late fees or interest.
Unpaid accounts may be passed on to a debt collection agency and the client will incur and charges for the service.
Pricing covers all standard goods and services required to complete the job. Unless specified; shipping, out of town work, traffic control, height access, passes, and permits will be charged additionally where they are not covered by the client.

Ownership of all goods will remain with NODDLE until paid for in full by the client, "reservation of title".
Goods will be remain the responsibility of NODDLE until delivered to, picked up by, or transferred to the client.
At the time of delivery, collection, or transfer, the client will be responsible for checking that all work has been completed to their standards and accepts the job as being completed. Any damage or issue after the job has been completed will be deemed not NODDLE's fault and will not be liable for replacement, repair, or refund

All work will be carried out, delivered, and undertaken to the best of our ability, where proper care, caution, and appropriate methods are in place to deliver works without any damage to the customers property.
We will not be held liable for damages to walls, vehicles, buildings, items, or any surface as a result of other parties poor paint, installation, preparation, finishing work.

Where we are ordered to apply vinyl to a painted surface we will not be liable for damage incurred to that surface during application, or when the film is to be removed. This will fall to the clients responsibility to supply a well prepared surface, or be happy to proceed with works with the understanding of the risks involved. In the event that NODDLE is asked to remove pre-installed vinyl, installed by a company other than NODDLE , NODDLE will make every effort to remove the existing vinyl, but will not be held responsible for any damage they may occur to the surface of the painted vehicle after removal. This is due to the fact that not all preinstalled vinyls are designed to be removed. In many cases pre existing vinyl are non-removable. If this is the case, NODDLE will wrap over the existing vinyl with vinyl designed for vehicle graphics.

Installation of goods at the clients premises will be done so provided the client supplies us with a safe workspace, in place health and safety measures, appropriate inductions, security systems, and clean and tidy areas free from any hazards.

We will always deliver works within the required time frame. If we cannot complete work due to unforeseen circumstances or beyond our control we will not be held liable for any delay.



  1. Unless otherwise agreed, NODDLE shall retain copyright and intellectual property rights in all documents, reports, records, media, electronic files, drawings and designs prepared for and on the Client’s behalf.

  2. The Client will be entitled to use the documents and any copies for the purposes for which they were intended however, unless otherwise agreed, the Client (or any other person or entity) is not permitted to make use of, or modify, any such document for any other purpose without NODDLE's agreement in writing. Concepts not chosen will remain the property of NODDLE.

  3. On completion and full payment of branding projects, the intellectual property rights of the Client’s logo design will transfer to the Client.

  4. Where NODDLE provides access to design files, access will be provided in PDF, JPG or PNG format.

  5. Access to design files in other formats may incur additional costs for the Client.
    Trademarking is the sole responsibility of the Client.

Any concept, design, production, completion of work carried out by NODDLE will remain copyrighted to us.
Any replication without written permission from NODDLE may result in legal action until those costs have been recouped.

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