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Architectural Window Films can improve the performance and transform the appearance of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Major glazing system enhancements are available for both interior and exterior use, including solar protection and window safety applications.


When you have extensive glass surfaces, it can result in excessive heat, annoying glare, harmful UV radiation, and compromised privacy. Opting for window film installation can effectively block UV rays, reducing excessive heat and glare, and safeguarding your furnishings from fading.
Additionally, darker window tints can enhance your privacy without obstructing your priceless outdoor view.


Ensure the comfort of your staff by minimising disruptive screen glare, mitigating heat buildup, and enhancing privacy and security within the workplace. We specialise in window tinting and offer an extensive selection of tinting solutions, including but not limited to: solar shielding, frosted film, and anti-graffiti film, to cater to your specific needs.

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